Cacao Ceremony is a sacred journey into the realm of your pure and beautiful open heart. A warm and lucious invitation to drop within the inner landscape of your being. Opening a gateway to the soul, carving a gentle pathway into love, and resting right into the sweetness of life’s pleasures. This loving plant medicine works with our deepest heart intentions and desires, allowing us to release that which is holding us from our true embodiment.  She takes us where we need to go, and gives us exactly what we need.

Cacao is a gentle medicine that opens the heart and releases chemical compounds of euphoria and bliss into the being. Cacao is an in-body experience that does not have psychoactive properties, though when refining the subtle awareness of the body, we are able to access direct guidance and vision from our higher states of consciousness.

Cacao Ceremony is an opportunity to release emotional, spiritual, and even physical blockages. A time to reconnect with the love that you are. A space to dig up old limiting beliefs and patterns, and a moment in life’s bustle to tap back into the wisdom of nature.

*** UPCOMING ***


Join us for an evening of sacred space exploring the medicine of cacao and dance. Cacao is a powerful tool for heart centred transformation and deep inner work. A plant used for thousands of years in ceremony and ritual to open the heart and reconnect all aspects of your life.
We will begin the evening with intention and drinking cacao. Then we will use music and movement to express, release, empower, and deepen our connection to mind, body, and soul. (Absolutely no dance experience required. This will be a space for experimental movement of all kinds.)

WHEN: Friday, July 5th 7pm - 9:30pm
WHERE: Charlottetown Yoga Space
49 Pownal Street
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A3W2

Ceremony begins at 7pm, so please arrive 10-15 minutes early to get settled.
Energy exchange for ceremony is $20

Please bring:
A mug for cacao
Cushion to sit on
A journal
Water to drink
Any item you wish to place upon our altar
Your beautiful open heart and mind
(be mindful we do sit for a good amount of time before movement so wear something comfortable)


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