Katlin Doyle grew up in the landscape of wildflowers and ocean mist, on Prince Edward Island. Her deep connection with the earth since birth has deeply inspired her to live her life in communion with beauty, and the harmony that rests within. Cultivated early in life was her affinity for self expression through creating space, through sharing this beauty, and through offering the depth of love pulsing from her heart. Her childhood was spent in song and dance, singing and learning songs from around the world through a children’s music group. Her love for sharing voice flooded into the rest of her life and acts as her medicine, creating songs from the soul and melodies of the heart. Early in her adulthood she recognized the importance of ceremonial living, recultivating a connection with the sacred, and embodying the divine. This work quickly lead to her path with Mama Cacao. In the jungles of Costa Rica, this beautiful medicine made a home in her heart and a love in her soul. Learning in the Talamancan ranges on the Caribbean coast from the Bri Bri tribe and their indigenous wisdom, from expats that have developed organic and sustainable cacao farms and creations, and from her own commitment, practice, and ceremonial dedication to this plant spirit guidance. In her depth of self work, yogic study, plant medicine ceremonies, musical exploration, elemental connection, mystic poetry dwellings, Katlin has woven together her offerings of Nurturing Essence. Nurturing the true experience of  life, journeying back to the heart of divine essence, and dropping into beauty.