h e a r t b l o o d

The divine celestial drink of the gods and goddesses -
 We fill our bodies with this mother,
she drips into the heart and flows through the very cells of our being
We become HER
 we become the love,
the THEOBROMA {food of the gods}
Our songs, our breath, our beauty,
 the very essence the divine thrives upon
Without our ever bearing radiance,
the celestial would not have a vehicle to dream within,
to dance within, to make love with
Mama Cacao allows us to be that divine space of love. 
 Let her medicine within YOU



Mama Cacao is a medicine of the heart, for the balancing of the mind and body, for communing with the soul. Now you may ask, what does medicine of the heart even mean? Or what does it mean to live within the heart? … I offer you the story that sings through me when i reflect upon this question.

What Cacao does for us, is she brings us into our center. So often in life these days, we are living purely from the mind, from intelect. We are planning, organizing, pushing, doing, striving. Yes all of these things are deeply important in life, but when in balanced equilibrium. Often too in life, we may be sluggish, we may have no drive, we may have lost touch with all beauty, sacredness, joy, happiness, and emotion. Sometimes we have become afraid to really look within to see what is hiding beneath the surface of our being.

Living in either of these extremes can be ungrounding, un-nourishing, and challenging. And this is where Cacao can facilitate us on our journey. Our heart is the meeting ground of the physical tangible experience of life, and the divine celestial light of unseen forces. It is said that cacao was gifted to the earth by the creator so that we would have a tool to reconnect us with the divine. When we invite cacao into our bodies we are creating a dance that brings us into harmony once again. We cannot live from a purely physical experience, and we cannot live from a purely spiritual experience. Cacao comes into the body and creates awareness of your physical temple body, the emotions flowing through you at the moment in time. She allows for a thread to begin weaving light into your being, the interconnectedness of all things. Cacao expands our whole experience, she gives us insight to the areas of self that need some loving attention and affection. She takes us on a sacred journey into the source of love, where we can gather again those feelings that may have left us through everyday mundane life.


"Cacao is not just some delicious drink we sip on, or yummy chocolate we put in our bodies. She is a Goddess, a plant medicine Spirit, a Deva here to assist our hearts in opening wider and wider. She assists us on remembering the LOVE we were born into, and the love that rests in the essence of our soul. She is here to guide us into our deepest becoming. And she has taken me here. She is the force of nature that has aligned me here on my path, taken me through shadows and light, beauty and darkness, and taught me its all the same. It is all the source of love dancing us into deeper reality. My love for her was pouring into a prayer of gratitude the other day while at the beach and as soon as I said “you are my greatest ally”, a Hawk swooped down and began to dance in the wind right in front of me. Hawk is a messenger of Spirit, and sits in my eastern door of guides as an illuminator, vision gifting presence. Sun shining beams of light, waves slowly crashing, song birds sing, mama cacao LISTENING. She always hears our prayers, always takes us under her wing when we ask for assistance. I am so deeply grateful for this sacred medicine. Bowing one thousand times, with honey in my heart, thirteen thank you’s.