"Soulo Work" is an offering from my heart to yours. Holding space for 1:1 work with Mama Cacao.

Solo Soul sessions are catered to what you as an individual soul is needing at this point in time. Cacao Ceremony is a sacred and intimate experience with your own soul. It is a moment in time when we can drop out of the busy currents of the mind, and drop into the divine flowing river of the heart. Lying within the inner realms of our own being is the secrets we all have been longing to hear. These messages that whisper out our true path, messages that sing out our divine purpose, messages that assist us on our healing journey. Every answer to any question that lies within ourselves must come from the journey within, no answers will come from outside of us.

Cacao Ceremony invites us to rest into the arms of our own loving soul, to be held in the space of unconditional love and beauty, to be carried into being. These ceremonies create a sacred container of space where one can feel free and safe to unravel the inner landscape of emotion, feeling, and mind. A space to release, to dream, to vision, to breathe, to dance, to sing, to scream. Ceremony is a healing space that invites all of you, as you are, in each moment, and allows you to express all that needs to be expressed. Held in the arms of the Divine Mother, the elemental guardians of nature, the angelic realms, and the spirit of Mama Cacao herself, this space provides both protection and safety needed in order for healing to happen.

One on One we will dive into sacred space, receive the medicine of Mama Cacao together and then intuitively feel into what needs to be worked on. The magic of this plant and her healing wisdom is the spontaneity she carries. Every ceremony is completely different, no ceremony holds a set plan. All ceremonies do follow a cadence of rituals and prayers that I carry forth,  which also keep space for the divine flow of healing magic to flood our beings.

These ceremonies are perfect if you are looking for :
- a deepen of your own path with this sacred plant
- assistance in releasing old paradigms of existing
- clarity in moving forward
- clearing to help remember your souls essence
- new creative energy
- reconnection to nature and beauty
- returning to the love within your heart


Individual ceremony is much different than a ceremony of 20-30 people. Instead of working with a collective energy, we get to dive deep into the specifics at heart and hand within our individual soul. Using various healing modalities such as
Sound Healing
Sacred Song
Ritual Cleansing
Energetic Clearing
Creative Medicine
& more
We will dive into the healing that needs to happen within this moment in time. 

Healing ceremonies are to be held either in the comfort of your own home, in the sanctuary of my home, or in the sacred space of Mother Nature herself. We will begin a conversation before a session to chat and see what will work best for you. 

Sessions are about  1.5 - 2 hours. All materials are provided. 
(sessions in nature may end up being longer due to driving to location)

I am offering a sliding scale of energetic exchange so that all can feel welcome.
$77 (thriving) 
$55 (surviving)
per session


Cadence Sessions  
This is a booking of three sessions, where we will meet either weekly or biweekly to hold ceremony.
Working consistently week after week with the medicine to dive deep into the healing work. This allows us to return again to where we ended in the last ceremony, to come sit again to feel that transformation that has occurred. 
3 sessions for $222 (thriving) 
3 sessions for $166 (surviving)


Contact below for more information or to begin a conversation about your healing Soulo Session 


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