right now

Right now I can taste the beauty

I can feel it in the textures of my skin

Right now I can hear the song of its medicine

The sacred sound of life in alignment

Right now I can see the beauty

Life weaving it’s eloquence in every breath

With the morning star

With the frosted air

With the snow covered earth

With the slow rising sun

With the soft whispers of winters animals

I can feel the beauty today

Dripping from the celestial skies

Deep down into my belly

I can feel the rush of love

I can feel the sounds of change

I can feel the beloved within the cells of my body taking me to great depths

I embrace these moments with a wide open heart and a soul full of gratitude

I embrace these moments of profound peace and divine connection with deep prayer

I embrace the knowing in the bones that these perfect calms come for us to feed off of

For us to return to when our eyes and hearts cannot find the beauty

To return to when the storm has hit and the winds have blown out into a mess

So today I breath deep into this beauty

Holding all of it and none of it at the same time