r e s t

slipping away her heart calls for stillness and a drawing back from these days
she calls forth a loving caress of beauty from deep within and a soft kiss of nothingness
and she travels to the hills and to where the dew melts into nectar and the flowers still bloom
where the ocean and rivers and streams meet in the belly of her being
she sits on the soft damp earth and looks within and is blessed by the ancestors that have come to receive her prayers
this voice she sings is their voice
and this body is the beauty of their light
this love is a gift of their brilliance
and so she leaves to come back
to drip back into her essence
the one that knows when rest calls

and when there is a creative blessing to be birthed
so in stillness she travels into the core of these lands
and into the cells of her transforming body
and she sits in the medicine of the sacredness
and dances to the starlight
and sings with the fireflies
and she falls in love again and again
deeper and deeper
into the Beloveds heart