Our mission here at Nurturing Essence is to provide you with the most nourishing and delicious indulgence. We all want a little sweetness now and then, and heck! That is totally okay! But these days as we expand our knowledge on what foods we should and should not put in our bodies, it is easy to see that processed sugars and really sweet treats just are not good for us. Our aim is to combine quality nutrition, ingredients, and lots of love, to provide you with an alternative option of that sweet indulgence. Only using natural sweetness, like maple syrup, dates, and stevia. Combined with amazing superfoods, nuts and seeds, and of course CACAO.

Our cacao is organically sourced directly and fair trade from the farmers. The suppliers we source our cacao from work directly with the farmers in Ecuador, building up sustainable practices to cultivate the cacao in a natural and ancient ways.

We craft each chocolate with intention, love and gratitude. We believe in the statement by Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” We want life to be nourished as deeply as possible, to be full, to be rich, to be celebrated. Our chocolate is made with the commitment to serving you a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle, one bite or sip of chocolate at a time.