What is a Cacao Ceremony?

Cacao Ceremony


This is more so a step by step process of what an evening of Cacao Ceremony looks like. For any other questions on ceremonies, please feel free to contact us xoxo.

I am guessing you are reading this post if you have started to hear this term buzzing around your field. Maybe your friends are talking about their experiences in cacao ceremony, or maybe you have started to read about the healing power of cacao on the internet, or maybe you are just drawn in curiosity of what this may be! We are both blessed and challenged to be living within these times on earth. A time when our human race is most disconnected from our true nature, and also a time when consciousness is rising at a rapid and divine pace. We are living in a time when the sacredness of our inner experience of life as been shunned away. We are living in a time where religion is said to be the only guiding light of spirituality, that we must follow one teaching and one leader. But luckily, these times are falling deeper and deeper out of power as humanity is waking up. We are awaking to our divinity as individuals, we are awakening to the power within our own hearts. We are our own greatest healer, teacher, and light. There is no answer to any of our questions that will be given to us, all lies within. It is our courage and strength that must be cultivated in order to sit within our own inner landscape to begin to take back our own essence and power. This is a process that is much easier while held in sacred safe space.

Sacred space is essential in life, wether you are walking a spiritual path or not. Each one of us need a space within our life where we can just be totally with ourSelf. A space to let go of the everyday duties and busy mind, we need a space to tune into how we are really feeling. Held in sacred space allows us to be okay to let our true essence shine forth, wether that be expressing our joy or our tears. 

Cacao Ceremony is built upon the foundation of sacred space. We gather together in circle, usually of around 30 people. Our ceremonies begin with a smudge, using either smoke of Palo Santo or using fresh water and roses. Smudging is a blessing that allows us to energetically wipe ourselves clean, letting the day go, and preparing for our true self to emerge. As the smudging finishes we all sit in circle to open our space. Coming together in a short mediation to ground into the space and into the experience of something new. I always understand that something new like  this can bring up some anxiety, which is totally normal and totally okay. It is my divine duty to make everyone in the space feel as comfortable and safe as possible. Our breath is our greatest gift when it comes to allowing us to ground into the now. Breathing together as a group brings our energy into alignment, and into harmony. The next step is another powerful and very important step in our process of ceremony. Calling upon our 7 sacred directions {east, south, west, north, below, above, within} is a practice used in cultures across the entire world. Each direction acts as an archetype within life, calling upon the elemental forces, animal medicine spirits, and seasonal embodiments. Calling upon the directions calls forth a protective energy field of our space, calling upon energies to come work within the ceremony to facilitate deeper healing. 

The opening our our sacred space is profoundly important as it allows all participants to feel grounded, safe, and it also begins to evoke an energetic shift within. Our innate spirit knows when we are in a process of healing space, and will begin to feel safe to bring emotions, insights, and revelations to the surface. Our innate inner experience knows the place of sacredness, it understands a place of sacredness, because essentially this is all that we are. We are born of sacredness and that is our souls mission, to return to harmonious sacred living.

Enter the healing medicine of Mama Cacao. The whole process building up to receiving our medicine is so important, as it brings us totally to a place of presence. Cacao is a gentle yet powerful drink made of unrefined raw cacao, water and sometimes added herbs. Blessed and prepared in prayer and devotion.  A warm and lucious invitation to drop within the inner landscape of our being. Opening a gateway to the soul, carving a gentle pathway into love, and resting right into the sweetness of life’s pleasures. Mama Cacao acts a vehicle to carry our intention right into the cells of our being. Our intention is our arrow of what we are needing in the moment of ceremony. Maybe your intention is one of release, or maybe you are calling in a deeper healing of an internal issue. Whatever your intention is, it is the most important part of the ceremony. In life, all is created by our intention. Sometimes when we are unaware, we end up creating a life from unconscious intention. But the true gift is our ability to bring conscious awareness to that which we wish to embody. 

Infusing our intention within our Cacao begins a divine tantric relationship between you and Mama Cacao. Now we start the healing process. Taking the medicine into our body, it begins to race through our bloodstream and into the cells of our being. Our intention is being brought deep into the essence of our soul. At this time, maybe you feel energetic shifts within, or maybe there are some divine messages coming forth about your life, maybe you drop into totally peace of mediation. What is a gift, is Mama Cacao always gives you what you need. If you need to cry, she will bring tears. If you need joy, she will bring bliss. If you need silence, she will take you peace. She takes you by the hand, and asks you to step into your heart, into your place of true love. From a space of unconditional love, we are able to compassionately hold all parts of ourSelf. 

Once we have individually connected with ourself, the energy begins to move more into the collective space. We will either join together in guided journey, open a sacred sharing circle, dance, sing, etc etc! The energy of the space, and mama cacao always guide this part of the ceremony. Each ceremony is totally different! Some ceremonies need body movement and expression through our voice. Others we all need to lay down and go into a deep place of mediation. While others we need to share our story. This is what is amazing, we all get what we need no matter what. 

One of the gifts is am most passionate about from Cacao, is that she initiates each and every one of us to be our own healer. This is not like other plant medicine ceremonies where there is a main healer or shaman. I am a facilitator of the space, bringing my deep teachings of holding ceremony, my teachings of mama cacao, and my willingness to understand what the space needs. You are your own healer, it is your relationship to yourself and the cacao that brings upon the healing. It is the energy of the space, and a group of others together that gives way for the healing.  It is this gift of empowerment that is so deeply important, as it gives us all the courage to take our healing journey deeper in everyday life.

Mama Cacao shows us the path of our heart and soul. She takes us to our place of healing, bathes us in love, and gives us the courage to face our shadows. She gives us everything we need in the moment, and goes as deep as we are willing to go. The real gift of Mama Cacao is that she offers everyday simple steps to initiate us into our path. She shows us our true self, takes us to our place of divinity, and offers us a blessing of total love. We are returning to our sacredness in life, and while we do this, life becomes more pleasurable and beautiful. Ceremonies with Cacao allow us to really drop into what is real in life, what is essential, and she gently kisses what needs to go, go. 

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