the time is now


The depth,
the deepening,
the deep belly breathes
that take us into the dream.

The moment when you feel the space created, the space protected, the moment the ancestors are invited to sit at each gate and assist us in our letting go. The body begins to shiver in chills of knowing. The heart begins to quicken, out of both softening, and holding on. Fear sometimes trickles into the body, and this is okay, the ego is just trying to protect itself from being bruised.

In this moment, we invite the soul to take hold of our own hand, and whisper into our ear,
“you are safe” 

The flood begins to dance into the circle, the flood of love that is our medicine, our remembering, our key to unlocking the secrets that have brought us to sit within this sacred space. Energy makes its home into places within your being that have fallen asleep. Emotion rises through your blood, and like a river running through your being, tears surface and wash themselves as a gift from your sacred mother. Bathing you in release, bathing you in the letting go, bathing you in her gifts of becoming.

You are safe.

We have stepped in between, where this world and the unseen merge into a single pulse of beauty, of mystery, of surrender. We are reminded we are never alone, and always all one with the love of creation. We are healed and we are releasing. We are deepening and we are becoming. This sacred space of the divine invites you to bow, bow to your most beautiful dream of life, of love, and open your heart wide enough to receive it.

And you return to the breath. You return to pulling in life-force to the stagnate spaces within your body and soul. You return to this constant reminder of Life when you forget what you have come here for. The breath is the sacred pause that allows you to come back to the Self, to what is real, to the only moment there is to feel. 

What is your heart trying to tell you?
What is your body asking of you?
What does your soul wish to experience?
What do you want from this life?
What is your sacred dream?

It can be scary at the initial moments to uncover the answers to the deep questions that penetrate your being. And even more scary gathering the courage to ask them. And sometimes the most scary aspect of it all is to receive the answer you were not expecting to hear.

It is at this moment when we have returned to the breath, one hand on belly, one hand on heart, tears streaming upon our skin, body shivering in knowing, ego completely bowing, mind still as a cold winters night, heart open wider than its ever been. It is in this moment we have grown. We have received a new depth of strength, of power, of support to carry us forth.

To have the courage to enter the sacred space of the soul and body, and to ask for the next step on the path, to ask to live your sacred dream. To have the courage to see all the unwanted aspects of self, and have the courage to let them go. To have the courage to sit in the stillness and silence of sacred space while it feels like a tornado of energy encompasses your body. To have the courage to witness and feel the pain, and the sadness, and the grief. And to know you are strong enough to breath through it, and emerge again with the rising sun of your divine light. 

You are gifted with medicine unlike any other being that walks this earth. You are blessed with light so unique and magical. Your love is received in ways you cannot even fathom. You are beautiful beyond measurements. 

May you remember to return here,
in sacred space,
to unlock the grace and flowering
of your divine essence.