Seeding the Memories


My heart has been deepening,
my soul calling forth a medicine
that must be offered to this earth
and the hearts of her children.
I feel a potent emergence,
and I know you do too.
I feel the ancientness and wisdom of the divine returning
into so many people,
into the earth,
into all of existence.  

This teaching, this prayer,
is really just the divine light of the Mother,
coming through this voice,
through these teachers.
It is the voice of the ancestors asking for our help,
our assistance in service.
They are asking that we remember

As you listen to this prayer- my wish is for you to retrieve the medicine of your own essence. And that with the light of spring dancing into life, we plant the seeds of our becoming. 

What is your sacred dream?
Can you create and experience more beauty in your life?
What are the sweet seeds you want to see flowering in the high holy sun of summer?
What fruits do you want to be feeding upon with the harvest of autumn?
What are the tools you wish to be carrying in your heart when the next snow begins to fall? 


What life do you want for your children and grand children?
What must you release now that is keeping you from embodying the best, most sacred expression of Self and Soul?


With the beginning of this beautiful cycle, may we all take the journey of deeper commitment to our hearts pleasure. In life may we all remember the true sacredness that is within all things. May we all come forth with radiance in our smiles, and depth in our devotions. Sometimes this path can be very confusing, we can be torn in many directions and caught in the chaos of many emotions. But what is certain, is that the memories of TRUTH exist always. All it takes is our prayer, our commitment, our service, our love, and our willingness to sit in ceremony. Ceremony can be anything in life. Ceremony is taking action steps and intention to make something meaningful and true. Ceremony can be as simple as simple can be. Walking in nature, making yourself healthy food, drinking tea, self rituals. Or ceremony can be more expansive by working with plants such as cacao. Or committing to a devotional practice. 

Ceremony is Life.
Life is Ceremony.
And if that is the only thing we remember and gift to ourselves, 
then we are doing a heck of a lot of healing.


with deep love and gratitude,