It has been some time since I have shared on this platform. I have been on a deep journey within, into the deep waters of this warm ocean, into the rays of sunshine in the morning air, dancing in the inner solitude of love. Reflecting on these energies of this summer, I feel a rock solid integration that is happening. All around songs of transformation are being sung (in many cases howled). Sending you all love through this portal with this prayer below. xoxo


This mother teaches me.
This mother who can always guide me home.
Her body is the wild terrain of the soul, and as I walk along the beach
or across the meadow in morning,
I am finding the sweet spot of wonder.
It is her love that is the deepest medicine.
Swept away into the depths of her belly, into her fires, into her storms.
I can find refuge in surrender.
I can find calm within her tears, the rains have come.
The winds have changed.
Have you felt it?
The moment you walk outside in the morning
and know that life has transformed into something completely new.
You know you have emerged into a deeper knowing.
This knowing that is actually complete a “unknowing”.
Because life has thrown you a moment of divine transformation.
Lets just check in,
how are you?
Think back two months ago,
how were you?
Is there a rush of butterflies that bubble in your belly for the distance
that lies between you and your older self?
Are you rooted in a space of stronger integrity?
Is there a deeper love and compassion oozing from your heart?
A confident radiance that drips like honey from your skin?
You know.
You know deep down in your soul the medicine of your heart.
You know beyond all questions.
You know beyond all doubts.
You know by the sound of your voice, by the sureness in your footstep ahead.
And just as the wisdom of your body knows the rhythm of your walk,
so to does the dance of your soul.
Your soul crawls upon the earth in true reverence.
She walks with grace.
She walks with love.
She walks within knowing.
She knows where to take you to heal.
That forest, that river, that horizon line, that sea, that night of stars.
She knows what conversations to engage within to guide you to the hidden keys.
The keys of this map of life.
This Mother teaches me what it means to fully be.
She is the guide to the inner depths of my soul.
It is the moments I am resting her divine beauty, 
when I can TRULY recognize the divine beauty within me.
It is within her cycles, of day and night,
of sunshine and storm,
of seasons and dreams,
of shifting,
that I know I am always held.