Blessed 2018 to you all.


I hope you found a slice of time to honour your beautiful Self as you emerged into this new beginning. I am feeling this year with a pounding heart of love and a belly full of butterflies. There is movement. There is sparks. There is true growth.

On New Years day I moved to a new home. A new nest the call my sacred space. Letting go of the blessed container that held me for the last four years was both bitter and sweet. New Years day was also a full moon in Cancer, the sign of home and comfort, deep watery emotion. Full moon's represent completion, reaching our fullness. Illuminated by the light of the Grandmother we see all that we have achieved in a cycle. And that light also shines upon all of our shadows, all that is left unseen, unfelt, unresolved in our hearts. Leaving such a deep chapter of my life at this auspicious moment marked an initiation unlike any other. 

While packing all my things I had the opportunity to read over all my old journals, something I love to do. I read the past few years intentions that had been set for each New Year. I reflected on all of these years. Where I had been then, what I was dreaming of, what I wanted to experience from life, what I wanted to receive from each moment. And what I really realized was that I am all that I have ever dreamed of. I am living my sacred purpose. I have, or am in the process now of fulfilling many of my long dreamed dreams of how I want to exist as a soul in this body. I am finally in a place where I can whole heartedly look at my life with such deep gratitude and appreciation for what has been accomplished. I am living my sacred dream.

So as we crossed through the portal into 2018, I found myself post Cacao Ceremony in my back yard for the very last night. Sitting the my sacred corner of the garden that has held me for these four years, held all of my prayers, all of my ceremonies, all of my releases, my tears, my laughs, my love. Sitting there praying with Mapacho, tears streaming of both joy and sadness, excitement and grief. Praying to let go, praying in deepest reverence, praying that I may be carried as I step forth in deep courage through these new beginnings. 

Enter the year of

E X P A N S I O N 




This year is dedicated to creating strong structures to support these dreams that are taking flight. A year dedicated to expanding my S E L F and S O U L into the truest essence and core of being. A year of deepening into my practices, into my services, into my work, into my devotion. Devotion to love and living a life of deep purpose, no longer holding back the beauty that is ready to be birthed into form. Devotion to this temple of radiance which is my body. Devotion to serving my community in all the ways I possibly can.

I have been one foot on this island and one foot off for many years now. Not fully knowing if I want to ground to deep with the fear of being "trapped". But now more than ever in my entire life, HERE is the only place to be. Here and Now finally makes sense. And as my daily practice of aligning with my soul deepens and deepens I recognize that we will be called to the moment where we can best serve. And that moment for me is plunging my roots into this sacred sandbar and dedicating myself to this beautiful community. 

I am devoted to self care and nourishment like never before. This is the anchor that will allow me to expand and birth the new dreams that are radiating from my heart. I am settling into more solitude and time alone so that I may fill up to give more. Winter comes with a big cup of delicious medicine, the medicine of going within. Coming into the soul, the self, the silence, the solitude. Entering the doors of the heart where we can dance with our own songs, receive the blessings that are only given with the courage to be ALONE. 

I love Life

I love Beauty 

I love Ritual

I love Devotion

It is amazing to see that my days have become full to the brim with these three core principles. LIFE is spent in DEVOTION to BEAUTY, through RITUAL, daily. Everything in life has become a ritual to create more beauty, to cultivate more love, to feel more radiance. 

I want to share with you all some of my daily dedications and practices that are nourishing me from both the inside out and outside in. I want to share with you all incase there may be something you can grasp onto and implement into your daily rituals. 

Daily Rituals ~


I love self care. And there are so many ways we can take care of ourselves, so many ways to give our love back to ourselves. It is so important now as we evolve and become more sensitive and energetic beings, that we take the time out of our day to care for the body, mind and soul. 

Daily self care for me consists of :

Moving the BODY ~ This is our temple. Daily movement of energy in your temple will create more space for your dreams to flourish. Think of your body as your home, if you never clean your home dust just builds up, garbage piles up, it gets congested with clutter. Moving the body is like cleaning the house, you are creating an environment for your soul to flower and sing. Not to mention how empowering it feels to have a strong, supple, flexible, and beautiful body. We all want radiance and a glowing body, moving and grooving helps achieve this.                             Going to the gym, going to yoga, going for a run, or a long walk in the woods, stretching before bed, are some of the daily rituals I am dedicated to in order to keep me nourished. 


Spiritual Practice ~ A daily ritual of connecting to the unseen is a must in my everyday life. Connecting to the force of love that created all of life and that keeps life flowing is a must. Tapping in so I remember that I am not alone. My practice is my saving grace, my coming home, my rock.                                                                                                                                            Daily rituals consist of smudging (water smudge with rose and rosemary, sage, palo santo, sweetgrass). Asking for guidance and union with my spirit guides and ancestors. Meditation (Usually Kundalini, but when I am not doing a kundalini I make sure I reserve a period of time to breathe deep. One hand on belly and one hand on heart is my go to). Prayer, usually I smoke with Peruvian Mapacho taking moments to give thanks, honour the earth and this life, the gifts of abundance and beauty. Drinking Cacao with deep intention and ceremony is such a gift in my life. Mama Cacao is a guiding light in life that provides me with creative fuel,  answers to questions, connection to deep LOVE.

Detoxification ~ I have a strong focus now on detoxifying my body. Though I have had a very clean lifestyle for many years now my dedication is getting even stronger. Drinking lots of water and cleansing teas, eating SUPER clean (lots of veggies, fats, fruits, and whole foods.. I am going to do a whole other post of my daily eating, stay tuned). Going to hot yoga as many days of the week as possible, the studio I practice at is heated with infrared sauna which rids the body of toxins. Salt baths. Cold plunges into the ocean. Herbal remedies to assist in purification. 

Creativity ~ Having a daily dose of create medicine is a MUST. Our creative energy is what fuels our life, getting into the Sacral Chakra and harnessing the energy available here is a key component in unlocking a life of beauty. Wether I use this energy to sing and play music, create new chocolates, create other forms of art, day dream new projects, or simply just connect to this creative force of life and let it wash over me, this is my bread and butter, the rocket fuel that thrusts me forward. 



Allure Beauty Rituals ~ Taking care of this temple is one of my favourite practices. Spending the evening with little rituals of beauty care reminds me of the goddess I am.                                                    Hot salt bathes with essential oils and crystals, oiling my hair with rich high quality oils, honey face masks, dry brushing, self massage with homemade oil blends and body butters, are just a few of my favs. 

Love ~ Little acts of love carry me through the day. Leaving love notes to the self on places around the house and bedroom, having fresh flowers around, making mini altars of intention, taking space to slow down into love, smile more, laugh more, say "I Love You" more, give a gift or compliment to someone, hold space for others, be generous. A little love goes a long way.

So here are a few of the sacred ways I am carrying my emergence forth into being. Simple grounding rituals that create more space to birth dreams. Small acts of devotion that allow more beauty to exist. Dedicating thy Self and Soul to this pathway of life in the most beautiful way possible. 




May you be blessed in the light of your pure and perfect soul. May you be nourished as deeply as you dream of. May you bask in the love of divinity. 

With LOVE and Gratitude,

xo Katlin