mother water

I will crawl upon your shores when I need reminding of what this essence is

I will return always to blanket myself in the sounds of your undulating currant of love

I will pray for you, by you, with you

I will hold my heart wide open to be washed cleaned of what is keeping this shakti flow 

and when my heart shatters in an ache or break, I know to rest myself upon your body and walk in the moonlight, and piece my radiance back into wholeness

and you will hold my hand as a bow and release

and you will carry me through this threshold

you will be the canal I birth a new level of this evolution into being

and I will shed these tears as a gift 

of gratitude for always tearing me wide open into the deepest form of Self I could ever ask for

humble, I bow to your being

and offer this voice

this voice of the voiceless


~ I share this song, this prayer, as an offering to the waters of all existence, to the waters of your soul, to the waters of this earth. May we flow, may we grow, may we remember we have come from this sacred well source of nature, and to her we shall return. Respect her sacredness. 

Love, xo 


Rock Barra, 2017

Rock Barra, 2017