The moment you walk outside in the morning
and know that life has transformed into something completely new.
You know you have emerged into a deeper knowing.
This knowing that is actually complete a “unknowing”.

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What is a Cacao Ceremony?

I am guessing you are reading this post if you have started to hear this term buzzing around your field. Maybe your friends are talking about their experiences in cacao ceremony, or maybe you have started to read about the healing power of cacao on the internet, or maybe you are just drawn in curiosity of what this may be!

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Seeding the Memories

My heart has been deepening,
my soul calling forth a medicine
that must be offered to this earth
and the hearts of her children.
I feel a potent emergence,
and I know you do too.
I feel the ancientness and wisdom of the divine returning
into so many people,
into the earth,
into all of existence.  

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the time is now

The depth,
the deepening,
the deep belly breathes
that take us into the dream.

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mother water

I will crawl upon your shores when I need reminding of what this essence is

I will return always to blanket myself in the sounds of your undulating currant of love

I will pray for you, by you, with you

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